Family Engagement in Afterschool

Family Engagement in Afterschool

It has been documented when families are involved in school, their children do better. Children receive higher grades and better test scores, attend school more frequently, and graduate at a higher rate. As afterschool programs are an extension of the school day, parental involvement in afterschool can produce similar results. Afterschool programs are a gateway to the day school for many parents to their child’s school.

As providers of afterschool programs, we all look for a way to engage our parents and families. Parents enjoy activities offering chances to socialize, especially to discuss common concerns with other parents. Afterschool programs are also an important forum for identifying and integrating resources and services that strengthen families.

Click here to read a presentation on family engagement by our partner, Springboard To Opportunities. Springboard connects families living in affordable housing with resources and programs that help them advance themselves in school, work and life.

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