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Stepping Up with STEM

According to Afterschool Alliance, more and more afterschool programs are becoming critical in the larger learning community for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Studies show afterschool programs providing high-quality STEM learning experiences are making an impact on participating youth.

The students not only become interested and engaged in STEM, but develop useful STEM skills and competencies. They began to value these fields and to see themselves as potential contributors to the STEM enterprise.

Here are ten tips for incorporating STEM into your afterschool programs.

Top 10 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Insights

  1. “I Don’t Know” is a beginning of great discovery
  2. Promote Growth Mindset and Learning as Lifelong Skills
  3. Highlight Learning/Connections throughout the Process/Activity
  4. Have Fun
  5. Give Instructions that meet the group where they are
  6. Ask – Open-Ended/What-If/What Do You Think/How Might We – Questions
  7. Ignore Box Suggestions regarding age appropriateness
  8. Tweak Instructions to meet your needs
  9. Reflection, Reflection, Reflection
  10. Be Curious, not Perfect

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