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Playing Brain Games

 More and more educators are shifting their thoughts about what defines success for students. In the past, academic success was only measured by cognitive skills. Now creativity, self-management, and relationshipskills are included in the list indicators of intelligence. As afterschool providers, we must seek ways to educate the whole child. Creating programs that include social-emotional […]

Stepping Up with STEM

According to Afterschool Alliance, more and more afterschool programs are becoming critical in the larger learning community for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Studies show afterschool programs providing high-quality STEM learning experiences are making an impact on participating youth. The students not only become interested and engaged in STEM, but develop useful STEM skills and competencies. […]

Family Engagement in Afterschool

Family Engagement in Afterschool

It has been documented when families are involved in school, their children do better. Children receive higher grades and better test scores, attend school more frequently, and graduate at a higher rate. As afterschool programs are an extension of the school day, parental involvement in afterschool can produce similar results. Afterschool programs are a gateway […]

Mobilizing Partnerships toward Active Collaboration

Mobilizing Partnerships toward Active Collaboration

All partnerships are nice, but what afterschool programs need most are those partners who will provide ongoing, meaningful support to help programs and youth meet their goals. In this session, participants will explore strategies for planning, implementing and maintaining organizational collaboration while expanding their network of support. According to the Maine Afterschool Network, there are 7 […]

2018 MSAN Conference ReCap

Our Opening Session was kicked off by Dr. Kim Benton, Chief Academic Officer for the Mississippi Department of Education with inspiring words on the immense progress being made in education and student outcomes in Mississippi. Dr. Laurie Smith, Education Policy Advisor to Gov. Phil Bryant and Executive Director of the State Early Childhood Advisory Council […]