The Mississippi Statewide Afterschool Network works to better our state and its communities by connecting providers, parents and policymakers with proven tools and resources to increase the quality of and access to out-of-school time programming for K-12 children and youth.


Afterschool is a lifeline that keeps youth safe, helps kids learn and grow, and provides parents the ability to work without worry. 

Mississippi has hundreds of afterschool and summer learning programs across the state for children and families. Use this map to find a program in your area.

Mississippi has hundreds of afterschool and summer learning programs across the state for children and families. Use this map to find a program in your area.

Program Spotlight – We Will Go

Dec 19, 2022 | Program Spotlight

We Will Go originated as a grassroots community outreach organization led by founders David and Amy Lancaster in 2000. The couple had planned to relocate overseas to fulfill ministry outreach, but their hearts were called to serve needs within the Jackson community. Beginning with a Bible study group and providing food services from their home, the couple’s ministry expanded to serving three main areas of community outreach: Education, Engagement, and Essential Food.

We Will Go’s Essential Food program strives to share the Gospel and a substantial bag of groceries and essential goods to families in the Jackson area. Partnering with our school districts, We Will Go’s Education program sees students have an organized, safe space where they can receive tutoring, school equipment, and prayer to excel in their schooling. The We Will Go Engagement program connects volunteers, donors, and people in the community to opportunities happening every week in Jackson.

What’s the greatest impact you’ve seen in your community from the afterschool services offered by We Will Go?

We Will Go’s year-round Education Program provides a safe, trusting environment where a student’s holistic growth can impact the community. Parents and guardians have identified low-cost programming and transportation as barriers of participation in education programs. Our greatest area of impact in 2022 has been partnering with Pecan Park Elementary and Obama Magnet to provide transportation for students enrolled in afterschool.

How does networking with other afterschool programs and organizations like MSAN help you achieve your mission?

Our mission thrives on engaging our community, therefore, we have benefited from the connections and research of MSAN. We believe it is important for organizations to take time to understand the needs of students and the community. Together, we can make a difference in Hinds County.

What are some of the key elements of your afterschool program?

We Will Go’s year-round Education Program exists to aid in all forms of learning, including homework assistance, enrichment activities, and literacy lessons. Students (5-12) receive classroom instruction, one-on-one homework assistance, enrichment activities, and field trips.

How can community members get involved in your organization?

Next year, We Will Go will celebrate 20 years of service to Hinds County. Our mission is that we are neighbors willing to engage our community with the love of Christ. We believe everyone has something meaningful to contribute. You can support financially or volunteer within our Education or Essential Food programs. Contact to sign up!

Have you engaged in any unique fundraising initiatives?


Sponsor a student to attend We Will Go Afterschool! A monthly donation of $50 ensures that students have qualified educators, equipment, and support in their holistic learning. Consider what might be a meaningful amount for you to contribute towards someone’s education this year?

We Will Go is currently hiring a full time Educator and part time tutors for the We Will Go Afterschool Program. Please email for more information.

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